Studierendenzentriertes Lernen und Qualitätsentwicklung: eine neue Publikation

Die European Universities Association EUA hat eine Studie zum studierendenzentrierten Lernen und dessen Zusammenhänge zur Qualitätsentwicklung veröffentlicht.

Student-centred learning: approaches to quality assurance Book Cover Student-centred learning: approaches to quality assurance
Anna Gover, Tia Loukkola, Helene Peterbauer
European University Association

Ample evidence suggests that even though student-centred learning is a topic of great interest and benefit to universities across Europe and beyond, there are widespread difficulties in addressing the concept in practice, mostly due to its broad scope.

This report presents the status of student-centred learning in Europe’s universities and offers considerations for the role of quality assurance processes in ensuring that education provision is geared towards student learning and success. It also suggests an approach to student-centred learning which considers the concept a part of quality culture and reduces the widespread perception of quality assurance as a bureaucratic burden.

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